Soylent Green

Corrected entry: When Thorn first enters Simonson's apartment to investigate the murder, Simonson's body is laying undisturbed just as it was left when he was killed. Despite having his skull hacked open twice by a metal hook, there is no pool of blood around the body - or anywhere else for that matter. There should have been blood all over the place. (00:12:30 - 00:14:05)


Correction: The murder victim's head was never hacked open, it was simply hit twice. A person doesn't have to bleed from a blow to the head for it to be deadly.

Corrected entry: There are two well known but uncredited actors in this film. Dame Judith Anderson (remember her as 'T'Pau' in the original Star Trek) plays the old woman at the Supreme Exchange, and Dick Van Patten plays the orderly at the suicide center.


Correction: The woman who played the Exchange Leader (and vulcan leader in the Star Trek episode Amok Time) is Celia Lovsky. She died in 1979 after appearing in over 40 films and many television shows. Trivia: She was once married to Peter Lorre.

Corrected entry: If the people drink poison to commit suicide, and they are made into soylent green, then wouldn't that make soylent green poisonous to the people who eat it?


Correction: Presumably, the poison was filtered out of the bodies during the manufacturing process.

Corrected entry: After the assassin drives the metal hook into Simonson's skull he draws back the hook for another blow - and we can see that there is no blood, hair or anything else soiling the end of the hook, despite the fact that it was just driven into a man's skull and yanked out.


Correction: It was a crowbar, and he didn't drive it into his skull. He just hit him over the head with it.


Correction: The reason for the streets being deserted at night was referred to in the film. There is a curfew in effect.


Correction: While the movie is loosely based on the book, director Richard Fleischer had no control over the change of the title. It came from MGM higher ups. Nor was the show popular at the time (it had been off the air for 9 years), they just didn't want to be confused with "a long dead TV series."


Correction: The title of the book the movie is based on is "Make Room, Make Room." The director always intended to change the name of the movie, as he was afraid it would be confused with the popular TV show at the time, "Make Room for Daddy."

Revealing mistake: The sliding door to the bedroom in Simonson's apartment appears to be covered with a sheet of 'bubble wrap' in early scenes of the room.


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Martha Phillips: I should've offered you something, Mr. Thorn.
Det. Thorn: If I'd had the time, I would've asked for it.

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