The Man Who Wasn't There

Ed Crane is a barber. He suspects that his wife Doris is cheating on him with her boss, Big Dave. Ed is interested in entering the dry cleaning business, after hearing that it's quite profitable from a businessman named Creighton Tolliver... the two plan a little scheme to get money to start their dry cleaning business... things don't turn out as expected...

Ben Mears

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Ed first meets Freddy at Da Vinci's, Freddy is having fruit cocktail, with his hand holding up the spoon close to his mouth, as he is taking the bite, shot from behind his back. When the angle changes to in front of him, we see his hand away from his face and there's no bite in his mouth.

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Reidenschneider: Science. Perception. Reality. Doubt. Reasonable doubt.

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