The Iron Giant

Once the nuclear missile is launched, the Iron Giant sacrifices himself to save the town of Rockwell, Maine by flying into space and colliding with it before it reenters Earth's atmosphere.After his presumed death, a statue is built in his honor. Hogarth is now friends with the kids that bullied him; Dean and Annie are now a couple (married?). Hogarth discovers a stray bolt from the giant's remains, but it reactivates and makes its way (along with all the giant's other parts) to a glacier in Iceland, where he is self-reassembling.


Continuity mistake: When the Iron Giant follows Hogarth home they cross a railwayline and the Giant starts to eat the steel rail. During this scene you can see the distance of the railway sleepers changing from a fair distance apart to close together over the course of the shots. In the same scene you can also see that, although there is a crossing with lights, no vehicle could possibly pass as the rail has no crossover facility at that level. (00:24:30)

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Kent Mansley: The biggest thing in this town is probably the homecoming queen.

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Trivia: The film was originally developed as a musical by Pete Townshend, the guitarist of The Who. While it evolved into the science fiction story it became, Townshend still receives an "executive producer" credit.

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Question: What kind of chocolate was it that Hogarth poured on Mansley's ice cream?

Answer: It was a laxative to make him go to the bathroom.

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