Brewster's Millions

Brewster's Millions (1985)

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Brewster almost doesn't get the money because one guy took $20,000 and didn't tell Brewster. But the girl who was in charge of Brewster's receipts finds out minutes before midnight and rushes in and tells him. Brewster realises what tricks the other guy pulled and plans to sue him, but first he only has about two or three minutes to spend twenty grand, so he hires the girl on the spot to be his personal attorney so he can sue the other guy, and he gives her the three grand and she writes him a receipt. So he ends up spending all the money and inheriting the 300 million. The executor of his uncle's estate plans to sue the law firm for conspiring against Brewster.

Continuity mistake: When Monty punches that guy at the end, check out how the parting of his hair goes from left to right and back again in one shot as he falls and gets up.

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Monty Brewster: Why is it when there's trouble we're the ones that get into it. I mean, there's a bar full of people and we're the only ones in jail.
Spike Nolan: I don't think it's racial you know, because I'm in here with you.
Monty Brewster: That's comforting.

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