Session 9

Session 9 (2001)

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When Gordon first showed up at the deserted asylum he was possessed by "Simon" who's voice we hear on the end of the tape. It made him kill his wife and baby at the end of the first day. He has been living at the hospital since then. It then makes him slaughter his entire team prior this he dispatches the last worker who shows up as a replacement for one of his unknowingly earlier victims, before "Simon" deserts him. Gordon realizing what he's just been made too do suffers a complete mental breakdown and is left alone in "Simon" is old room talking to his broken mobile as dusk sets outside and the recording of "Simon" states that "He" lives in the weak and wounded.


Continuity mistake: Gordon mentions that his wife accidentally spilled hot water on his leg and burnt it, but the actor only occasionally limps on it, although we are shown that he has an injured leg. This is mentioned on the commentary.

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Phil: We'll take the tunnels. They're safer.
Jeff: "Safer"?

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Trivia: The film was shot primarily at the Danvers State Asylum, an abandoned hospital. The script was written around the shooting location based on what rooms and corridors were safe to shoot in. Little to no set-dressing had to be done for the film, as it was suitably dilapidated and filled with abandoned medical equipment, which helped add to the film's atmosphere.

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