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Correction: Jack is a common nickname for someone who's legal (and in this case, professional) name is John.

Corrected entry: When Don Juan is sold as a slave, and is presented to the first woman, he is sitting in a chair with a back. Later on in the scene, while still in the same chair, he and the woman lean back to lay down.

Correction: They never sat on a chair. They were on a large bed by the wall.

Corrected entry: When Don Juan's father gets stabbed, he was stabbed on the lower left part of his abdomen. They cut away and cut back to show his father laying on ground, but the blood is coming from his heart, not where he was stabbed. The same is with the man that Don Juan stabs. His blood is coming from about 5 inches below the puncture in the first shot.

Correction: The stab wounds change because they are both wearing very loose old fashioned shirts. As they lean over or are laying down the point on their shirt where they were stabbed shifts around.

Corrected entry: Don Juan tells Dona Ana that he has been with 1502 women. It's really 1503 - Dona Julia, Dona Ana, the Sultana and the 1500 wives.


Correction: She asks how many have there been before her, so the answer of 1502 is correct.

Don Juan: Every woman is a mystery to be solved.

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Question: I'm unclear about the ending in this film. Was he really Don Juan and the stories he told about his sexual antics are true after all? And was he lying when he said that he really grew up in Queens, etc., just to get out of the hospital?

Jeanne Perrotta

Chosen answer: I think the point is that it doesn't matter. He can be Don Juan if he likes - so can anybody - and who is to tell who someone else really is?

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