Blue Velvet

Continuity mistake: At Ben's place, Frank enjoys a cold glass of Pabst Blue Ribbon - its colour, the level in the glass, and the amount of head change repeatedly within a few seconds.

Continuity mistake: In the first of the nightclub scenes in which Dorothy Vallens is seen singing 'Blue Velvet' her dress mysteriously changes from having straps to a halter top. The 'why' for this becomes clear later in the film - in her second nightclub appearance (the following day) she is wearing the halter top. Evidently the filmmakers cut in a shot filmed for the second scene.

Continuity mistake: When Jeffrey is caught by Dorothy in her apartment, she cuts his face with a knife. In the next scene, the following day, there is no mark on his face when he's talking with Sandy in the car. But in the scene after that, the cut is visible again.

Continuity mistake: When Sandy and Jeffrey are at Arlene's diner, their Coke glasses are originally only about an inch apart, and then much further apart in the next shot. The angle of the drinking straws also changes between shots. (00:17:35)

Factual error: Right before Frank humiliates Dorothy for the first time, he blows out one of the gaslights in her apartment. That is never done in real life, for the same reason you would not blow out the pilot in your stove.

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Sandy: I don't know if you're a detective or a pervert.
Jeffrey: Well, that's for me to know and you to find out.

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Question: When Jeffrey and Sandy are discussing where Isabella Rossellini lived, it is mentioned that she lived on the 7th floor of the apartment building. When they show the outside of the building it appears to have only 4 floors. Was this symbolic or an oversight?

Answer: There's probably not any symbolic meaning, despite the number seven having multiple magical connotations to it. Most likely, this is just a movie inconsistency.

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