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Corrected entry: When Frank turns up unexpectedly, Dorothy thrusts the terrified and naked Jeffrey into the closet. Yet when he emerges he is wearing his charming boxers once more.

Correction: This is wrong. Even though he is naked when thrust into the closet, Dorothy helps him gather his clothes up as he is hiding, so Frank won't see them. So it is perfectly plausible that, rather than stand there in the dark naked, that Jeffrey put his boxers back on.

Corrected entry: At the end, Ben walks into Dorothy's apartment to find Don and Det. Gordon dead. Det. Gordon is standing up. With nothing to prop it up, a real corpse would simply collapse.

Correction: Gordon is actually not dead, just badly stunned as he appears to have some sort of head wound, remember his reaction of knocking the lamp over when he hears his radio. Ben was careful pulling his gun as not to disturb him. Frank later shoots him in the chest and kills him and he falls down. The head wound would probably have been better explained if the movie was kept at its original cut of 4 hours.

Factual error: Right before Frank humiliates Dorothy for the first time, he blows out one of the gaslights in her apartment. That is never done in real life, for the same reason you would not blow out the pilot in your stove.

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Sandy: I don't know if you're a detective or a pervert.
Jeffrey: Well, that's for me to know and you to find out.

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Question: At the end, when Jefferey shoots Frank in the forehead, the film editing becomes confusing, with two different closeup shots of Frank immediately after the gunfire. One shot is obviously Dennis Hopper with a wide-eyed and shocked expression (as well a hole in his head) as he falls backwards. But the following split-second closeup shot is apparently not Dennis Hopper: He now has what looks like facial hair, a sullen expression, larger brow and eyes that seem almost swollen shut (and he's still falling backwards). This second cut looks like a rubber mask or very, very different makeup from that which Dennis Hopper was wearing just a fraction of a second before. The appearance is so different that I wonder if David Lynch was ever asked to explain the continuity error?

Charles Austin Miller

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