Super Troopers

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene during the Miata car chase, right after the Miata veers off the road you can see the lead trooper's car loose its front driver side hubcap but in the following shots you can clearly see that the hubcap has reattached itself.

Continuity mistake: When Thorny is talking to his wife, while the German couple is jumping in the bed, Thorny changes from holding the bananas up by his chest to down by his waist, as well as the direction of the bananas, between the shots. (00:42:50)


Revealing mistake: In the scene where unit 91 is calling in the Spurbury Police car, it is obvious the car's ignition is not turned on.

Other mistake: In the scene where Thorny, Mac, and Foster put Rabbit in the locker with the shaving cream, the Captain comes in and shows them an article in the newspaper about the fight with the Spurbury cops at the Winnebago murder scene. The article, which is entitled "Highway Patrol Out of Control." has nothing to do with the fight (if you pause the movie, preferably on the DVD, read a little bit of the article. The article is about an art sculpture exhibition and has nothing to do with the fight.) (00:21:55)

Continuity mistake: In the first Winnebago scene where Ramathorn, Rabbit, Officer Rando of the Spurberry Police, and the Chief of the Spurberry PD, are arguing, watch the position of Ramathorn and Officer Rando as the Chief approaches the back part of the trailer. Ramathorn is over the Chief's left shoulder before he opens the door. After he opnes the door, Ramathorn is behind his right shoulder.

Factual error: When Farva is talking to the Rookie about country music awards, Farva lights a cassette tape on fire. The flame would not spread that quickly.

Continuity mistake: When Foster and Mac play the Meow game, watch the guy in his car. His head is almost always in different positions in each shot. In the external shot that shows Mac laughing, the man in the car turns to look at Mac, and in the next shot from the interior, it shows him looking at Foster.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ramathorn and Rabbit are running into the bar to catch Mac, there are two officers (presumably Ramathorn and Rabbit) are outside; but, when the shot changes to inside the bar, three officers come through the door. (00:08:30)

Continuity mistake: Ursula is standing with the field to her right, and the snack cart to her left. She his hit by a flying baseball coming from below and to the left of her that supposedly comes from the field.

Revealing mistake: At 46 minutes into the movie, Foster is outside of the Spurbury police station flashing Ursula. Ursula comes outside with a shotgun and voice changer to surprise him. You hear the pump-action of the shotgun, her voice through the voice-changer, and see the barrel of the shotgun come onto the scene all within about a second. She couldn't possibly chamber the shotgun, hold the shotgun, and hold the voice changer all at the same time without having three hands.

Other mistake: In the scene where the troopers are testing the bullet proof cup, the captain (actor Brian Cox) arrives and explains that he created this joke to test rookies. He takes the gun from one of the troopers and fires to show that the gun is loaded with blanks. But the gun is loaded with real bullet and blows out a window in one of the police cars. At the moment the shot sounds and the window breaks, Cox is pointing the gun well above the car. The angle that Cox is holding the gun would have caused the bullet to go at least 10 feet above the car; not even close to the broken window.

Continuity mistake: When Rabbit pulls over the Porsche, he looks at the woman first. When the camera scans from the womans lap to her face, you see her head is farther back towards the seat then it is in the next shot when she's leaning forward.

Revealing mistake: When Farva goes to type in the license plate of the cop car, "TC150," he doesn't type the plate number into the computer but rather a few keys along the bottom row instead.


Character mistake: When Ramathorn and Farva pullover the Plymouth Voyager, Ramathorn radios in and says they have a Plymouth Voyager, Vermont plates Alpha, God, Mustard, 1, niner, decade, china. When Farva gets out of the car to call the driver a chicken f**ker, you can see the licence plate, Vermont plate '1 9415'. Ramathorn radioed in the wrong licence plate number.

Audio problem: During the chase with the white Miata, there is a shot of Mac downshifting from 5th to 4th, but the engine revs drop as though he upshifted.

Mac: But our shenanigans are cheeky and fun.
Thorny: And his shenanigans are cruel and tragic.

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Question: What is the name of the piece of music that can be heard playing in the German couples' Porsche before Rabbit and Thorny pull them over?

Answer: It's "Bidibodi Bidibu" by Bubbles (or sometimes referred to as DJ Bubbles).

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