Factual error: In the bathroom scene at the motel where Lucy is in the shower and Mimi is using the toilet, Mimi flushes the toilet and Lucy yells "Ahh, freakin' cold," however, if someone flushes a toilet whilst another person is in the shower then this would result in the cold water being removed from the shower, so Lucy really should have yelled "freakin' hot," unless the toilet water was hot water. (00:23:35)

Factual error: When Lucy walks out her teacher says "Lucy," and her sash thing is blowing in the air, but in the next shot of Britney it is perfectly still. (00:02:12)

Visible crew/equipment: When the girls are singing "I Love Rock N Roll" at the karaoke bar they always scan back to Ben sitting at the bar. One of the times they scan back to Ben, you can see the camera man in between a girl sitting on top of the bar next to Ben and a girl sitting on a stool. This happens in between those 2 girls who are sitting to the left of Ben. It goes by really fast so you might have to pause it. (00:37:10)

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Mimi: Well, Kit and I voted and you lost.

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Suggested correction: I'm not really sure this would count as trivia considering how obvious it is. Ben even turns it into the song at the end of the movie.


It's trivia in the sense that's it's pointing out it's a real song Spears recorded before the film, as opposed to something made up for the film. It has nothing to do with Ben turning it into a song at the end. Since this isn't a Spears biopic, it should be trivia.


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