The Searchers

The Searchers (1956)

Plot summary

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Half-Indian Martin Pawley's family was massacred in a Comanche raid, and his kid sister Debbie kidnapped. Martin and his Uncle Ethan, a Civil War veteran, have been searching for Debbie for five years. More than anything, Ethan hates Indians, and Martin gradually realizes that Ethan's hate is also directed towards him. He questions Ethan's motives in wanting to find Debbie. Does he want to rescue her or kill her?

Other mistake: There is a scene where a dead Indian warrior is discovered. In this scene he is covered by a large flat piece of stone. When they pull away the stone you can see his chest rising and falling as the "dead" Indian breathes. Much easier to see when viewed in HD.

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Ethan: Well, Reverend, that tears it! From now on, you stay out of this. All of ya. I don't want you with me. I don't need ya for what I got to do.

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