Surf Ninjas
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Iggy: All right, Kids, come in here and Clean up Yer Bloody Room! I know well, cuz I'm 37, and don't make Me beat You with Leg of Mine that no longer Works cuz I'll do it.

Johnny: Adam, you're driving.
Adam: Ain't it bitchin'?

Zatch: They have taken him.
Adam: Woah! How'd he do that?
Iggy: Like this: They have taken him.

Johnny: While in Patusan, guests of The Revolution stay at the Mecrob Hilton.
Iggy: That's the Mecrob Hilton. Serving strange things and shells since 1207.

Mac: Crazy, is that it, you just wanna drive me crazy, is that it?
Adam: No Dad, we just wanna drive... but the MAN won't LET us.

Johnny: Ro-May, you know what would be really great is if you'd run like a mother and get Winky the One-Eyed black belt.

Johnny: How did you get out of those hand cuffs?
Lt. Spence: I had a key.
Johnny: Where, we searched you?
Lt. Spence: I swallowed it last Tuesday.
Adam: How'd you know you were gonna need it?
Lt. Spence: I swallow it every Tuesday.

Adam: I see you leading thousands victoriously into battle.
Zatch: Really?
Adam: What's this? You're wearing a dress.
Zatch: What's this?
Adam: Psych.

Revealing mistake: When the kid is playing the Game Gear and says 'I thought I was playing Shinobi. This isn't Shinobi. Where's Shinobi?', there is no game inserted in the Game Gear.


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