A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge

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9.6/10. My second favorite of the Nightmare franchise behind the remake. The idea of Freddy possessing a teenager's body sounds pretty good. Sure it was done in The Exorcist but still works here.Robert Englund was in his prime here, a great mix of scary and humorous. People forget Freddy's sadistic and he finds the idea of tormenting teenagers fun so naturally he'd be funny at times. Humor can be scary depending on what one person finds funny like The Joker in Batman (1989). I liked the effort put into the movie here as trying to live up to its predecessor was no easy task. It does pretty good and is excellent. I like this entry better than Dream Warriors and The Dream Child.


Revealing mistake: When Jesse is cleaning out his room, he puts a tape into his tape player, and presses a button down on the top of it. But halfway though the scene of him packing his things away, you can clearly see the button is no longer pressed down, yet the tape still plays. (00:18:10 - 00:19:00)

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Trivia: Take a close look at the bus driver at the beginning of the movie. It is Robert Englund without his Freddie makeup/costume.

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Question: What was up with the coach's death? Was Freddy trying to rape him or something?

Answer: I think the coach's death was a play on his character being at a S&M bar. People who frequent those places are usually into bondage and being dominated. Hence being tied up, and whipped with the towel. It also fits in with the homoerotic subtext throughout the movie.

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