I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Factual error: The movie is set in New York. When Tony Smerko goes up on the roof of the studio to chop down the antenna, there's a green Art Deco building with a clock tower in the background - the Eastern Building, a downtown Los Angeles landmark since the 1930s.

Factual error: Prior to the scene where Peter is about to lose his Beatle haircut Tony is in a shoeshine stall reading a Playboy magazine dated Feb. 1965. This is odd because the movies takes place on Feb. 9 1964 when The Beatles made their historic Ed Sullivan Show appearance.

Factual error: The hotel room would not have been empty when the girl sneaked in, because George did not attend the Sullivan rehearsals. He stayed behind (presumably with an attendant) because he had a cold that week and was trying to recover before the actual show on Sunday night.

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