Honeymoon in Vegas

Visible crew/equipment: After Jack jumps out of the plane he comes close to another Flying Elvis, who is being suspended from a visible cable.

Continuity mistake: Jack and Betsy arrive at Bally's in Vegas and it is dark. After checking in and going to their hotel room, it is daylight outside. There is no evidence of them doing anything between check-in and going to their room.

Continuity mistake: When Jack finally locates Betsy (in Hawaii) and is calling out to her, Tommy spots him and tackles him to the ground. As the hotel security is pulling them apart one can see visible stains on the knees of Jack's pants (presumably from damp grass). A moment later as Jack is getting in the police car his pants are spotless.

Continuity mistake: As Betsy is dressing for the wedding and while she is discussing her "cold feet" with Tommy in the lobby, the left side of her hair goes from having some strands loosely pinned back to hanging down.

Factual error: When Jack jumps out of the plane as a flying Elvis, he pulls both chutes to open. If both opened as they should have because he pulled both lines, the parachutes would've become twisted and he would've died on impact with the ground.

Plot hole: How is it that the Flying Elvis' have an extra parachute on board for Jack?

Mike Lynch

Jack Singer: I dreamt about my mother again last night.
Betsy: Was she vacuuming naked?
Jack Singer: No. She opened her eyes and I said, 'Mom, I'm gonna marry that girl, ' and she smiled.
Betsy: Really?
Jack Singer: Yeah. Of course she was naked.

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