Tremors 3: Back to Perfection

Burt returns to Perfection to find Desert Jack's Graboid Tour. Jack creates an amusement park related ride with the help of his buddy. One day a graboid eats his buddy and Jack escapes. Burt unloads hundreds of explosives but the government arrives and orders them not to kill graboids. Burt is eaten inside a barrel and tells Jack to lead the thing through his front gate. Jack does so and the graboid smashes itself into the concrete perimeter and Jack cuts it open to retrieve Burt. A scientist comes to them covered in C02 and says the Shriekers are there. He then dies. Burt, Jack, Jodi, and a Mexican go to kill the Shriekers. They find a flying creature who kills the Mexican.


Continuity mistake: When El Blanco is outside Burt's home, and leaves, there isn't any hole in the ground after him. Later, in the movie, when El Blanco gets underneath the earth, he leaves a big hole after him. Why wasn't it like that the first time?

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Burt: A lifetime of preparation, and I end up a refugee?

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