Real Genius

Real Genius (1985)

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Once the students realize the laser they built is to be used as a weapon, they turn the tables by sabotaging the laser test fire by aiming the laser at Dr. Hathaway's house where a large aluminum foil ball filled with popcorn kernels pops, filling up the house with popcorn and also causing the laser to destroy itself. Laslo runs off with Cheri to get married, the students are satisfied with the outcome of their plan and start eating the popcorn that filled Hathaway's house.

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In the scene where everyone is going to the Tanning Invitational, Chris grabs two Hawaiian Lei's and a straw hat from a girl at the door. He puts a blue lei on Mitch and holds on to the red one and the hat. The shot switches to just Chris and when it goes back to Mitch he has on the red lei. Back to Chris again who talks a little more then reaches over and puts the hat on Mitch's head, who is again wearing the blue lei.