All the President's Men

After being deeply critisized by numerous people in high places for there false paper, Woodward (Redford) and Berstein (Hoffman) takes drastic action to ensure that what they wrote was fact. In a final confrontation with Deep Throat (Holbrook), Woodward finds out that the cover-up of Watergate had to little to do with the break-in and that there lives may be in danger. Sloan confirms to Bernstein that Haldeman was the fifth man to control the fund, Sloan was ready to tell the Grand Jury but was never asked about Haldeman. They tell Bradlee (Robards) who is pleased that they were right, but gives them a warning never to mess up again. The final scene shows members of the Washington Post watching Nixon's Inauguration while Bernstein and Woodward quickly type the repercussion's of everyone involved in Watergate, including Nixon resigning as President and Gerald Ford become successor.

Ben Bradlee

Continuity mistake: The scene in the film that follows Berstein's interview with the book-keeper, where he is getting all his notes on various bits of paper out of his pockets: there is a Life magazine on the desk in front of Woodward's typewriter. At the start of the shot where Berstein says: "Mitchell, she said something about Mitchell." the mag has gone, then it reappears and disappears randomly in the subsequent shots in this scene.

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Ben Bradlee: All non-denial denials. They doubt our ancestry, but they don't say the story isn't accurate.

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Trivia: According to an interview with Robert Redford, filming was attempted in the actual Washington Post newsroom, but turned out to be impossible because many too many employees were aware of the camera, and some even tried to act. In fact, some employees would disappear and apply make up. They eventually had top spend almost $500,000 to recreate the newsroom on the studio lot.

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