The Big Lebowski

It's the early nineties, sometime around the first Iraq war. Jeffrey Lebowski, known as "The Dude" to his friends, comes home and gets jumped and threatened by two guys. They pee on his rug because they mistake him for another Jeff Lebowski who is rich and whos wife owes money to their boss. "The Dudes" two friends convince him to go to the other Jeff Lebowski to get him to compensate him for the rug. When the Lebowskis meet, their worlds collide and get more and more mixed up with one another. While "The Dudes" friends keep trying to help him, all they succeed in doing is making his life more and more difficult to get out of his situation.

Al Rooney

Continuity mistake: The Dude's driver's-side door is unusable after his car is stolen and retrieved, and we see him using the passenger door at least once after he takes the car home. But then at Larry Sellers' house, which they visit pretty soon, The Dude gets out of the driver's door as if nothing had happened; I doubt he'd have bothered to have it fixed in that short time. (01:09:00)

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Walter Sobchak: Shut the fuck up, Donny.

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Trivia: A majority of the clothes The Dude wears are Jeff Bridges' own.

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Question: What did Walter mean by, "You're killing your father, Larry!"?

Answer: Generally, he means that the boy, Larry Sellers, is disgracing his family (Walter has huge respect for the boy's dad, but considers the kid a dunce). Specifically, Walter is blaming Larry for his father struggling to breathe; that's Larry's dad in an iron lung in the background. Walter and The Dude become louder, more insistent and more vulgar, but the kid still blankly refuses to answer, and all you can hear is the iron lung pumping in the background. Frustrated because the kid isn't intimidated, Walter lashes out: "You're killing your father, Larry!"

Charles Austin Miller
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