Factual error: Reference the rural scenes. In the 40s, barley fields did not exhibit large perpendicular tracks made by crop sprayers.

Factual error: At the end of the film, Tom Jericho makes his way to the "Adelphi Hotel" in Manchester. The outside of the Adelphi building just off the Strand in London is used.

Factual error: Kate Winslet and Dougray Scott drive through a field of the crop, rape. This crop was not grown during the second world war.

Factual error: At the beginning of the film, as a British Admiral (or senior naval officer) leaves Bletchley he returns a salute. Although a naval officer, he does not give a naval salute but rather a half hearted army salute.

Factual error: The scene of 1946 London - Trafalgar Sq. looking south down Whitehall. You can see the turrets of the new MP office building - put up only a few years ago.

Continuity mistake: After the "car chase" the white car gets put in the barn. When the black car arrives it is covered in mud (so much they have to wipe it off the windscreen) from the dirt track. The white car only has a few specks of dirt.

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Tom Jericho: Puck and Claire were having an af.
Wigram: Were seeing each other, as you like to put it. Seeing each other's brains out.

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Trivia: In the scene where Saffron is teaching Dougray how to dance at her favorite dance hall, there is a shot of some of the customers sitting and drinking. You'll see Mick Jagger talking to a girl at a table.

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