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Corrected entry: Musketeers were the elite shock troops of the King's army, armed with costly muskets. Strange that not one of them actually had a musket, let alone fired one. They only had a few pistols.

Correction: The Musketeers were armed with matchlock muskets, which are difficult to use in bad weather. It's pouring rain during the final scene, so it's not unusual that they didn't bother with them (also, a musket requires two hands to use and the musketeers were making a cavalry charge). Febre's men likely had covered areas (such as the cannon below the catwalk) for lighting their powder.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mena Suvari jumps in front of the Queen of England to block the shot fired by the evil man in black, she is hit in the left shoulder. The camera looks at the spot, and D'Artagnan and the Queen both examine the spot. Yet at the end of the movie, she (Mena Suvari) is sporting an arm sling on her right arm. And that's aside from the fact that in those times a bullet to the shoulder would almost certainly have killed you.

Correction: Fabre shoots for the Queen and the girl does block it and the bullets hits her below the right shoulder. The sling is on the right arm.

Factual error: In 17th century France a peasant would not be using metric measurements. Just before the final battle, D'Artangnan states the castle is 2 kilometers away. Metric was developed by French scientists AFTER the revolution.

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Francesca: I'm not dead. Now will you please go kill him?

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