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Father Stu (2022)


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Stuart Long: Like anything, it's the struggle that brings you closer to God. I never shied away from no fight. Teaching priests to rat on suffering men, they're getting closer to Judas than Jesus.

Carmen: And you think the absence of the instinct to dismember someone qualifies you for priesthood?

Bill Long: You're gonna wake the whole damn neighborhood.
Stuart Long: This ain't no neighborhood. This is a trailer park. They ought to thank me for the wake-up call. Get their asses up to find a job. Early bird gets the worm! Ain't you all heard?

Stuart Long: Hear me out. All our outer nature's wasting away. But our inner nature is being renewed every day. This life, no matter how long it lasts, is a momentary affliction preparing us for eternal glory. We shouldn't pray for an easy life, but the strength to endure a difficult one. Because the experience of suffering is the fullest expression of God's love. It is a chance to be closer to Christ.

Bill Long: I never did like wearing these things. Ain't done one of these since your brother's funeral. Still got your mother's makeup on it.
Stuart Long: You got another one coming up.

Carmen: Have you considered all this entails? Heh. Abstaining from booze and beatings, not to mention sex?
Stuart Long: You showed me I could do it.
Carmen: No, I showed you, you could wait.

Stuart Long: You get back what you put out there, Bill.
Bill Long: Is that why God gave you an incurable disease?
Stuart Long: You called it. You always said I was a degenerate.

Bill Long: I seen a couple of boxing bouts on the TV. Enough to know a man don't lose when he gets knocked down, but when he won't get up. If there's one thing I know about you, it's... you ain't afraid to get hit.

Bill Long: I seen insects grope about for death with more dignity than what you're displaying right now.

Carmen's Dad: You know, Stuart, in my country, men crawl on their hands and knees to the statue a la santisima Virgen Maria. I expect no less devotion to my daughter.
Stuart Long: Well, it's a good thing I got a carpet, huh?

Stuart Long: God gave you the talent. It's a sin not to use it.

Bill Long: A load of good you and me did, climbing into bed together. Made two kids, own bodies don't want 'em.

Revealing mistake: There's something odd about the chair that is (or is not?) to the right of Monsignor Kelly when Stu goes into his office to talk. Only part of the back of the chair can be seen and it is not directly in front of the Monsignor, but there is not enough room for the seat part to be there (otherwise, the Monsignor could not be standing where he is). Without any indication that the Monsignor or chair moved, the Monsignor is later able to rest his right hand on the chair's back. (01:13:57 - 01:14:37)


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