Wyatt Earp

Other mistake: When in the tub in Arkansas, Wyatt is bare chested. In bed with Josie he's suddenly sprouted a lush garden of chest hair.


Other mistake: The same Old West town was used for scenes taking place in Wichita and Tombstone. The mountains in the background are those that surround the Santa Fe, New Mexico movie set.


Other mistake: Beginning of the movie young Wyatt running through the corn field the rows were straight. I don't think horse and a planter can get them straight.

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Suggested correction: This is an assumption, not a mistake.


Factual error: When Wyatt (Kevin Costner) becomes the sheriff/deputy/policeman of Wichita, Kansas, you can plainly see mountains in the background - there aren't any around there.

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Doc Holliday: All of you can kiss my rebel dick.

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