Wild Things

Continuity mistake: When Suzie pours champagne on Kelly's chest,from shot to shot she sometimes has champagne on her chest and sometimes doesn't.

Ben's Mom

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Ray goes to "protect" Kelly, shots are fired. If you compare the events of the entry, smashed glass, first 2 shots, last shot, you will notice there is an obvious difference in time between events in the showing from outside the house to inside the house.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Matt Dillon is speaking to the school, he writes the words "SEX CRIMES" on a blackboard. The way these words are written change slightly each time the camera cuts back to them: it is particularly noticeable if you keep your eye on the "X".

Continuity mistake: At the very end when the movie shows what really happened when Kevin Bacon shot Denise Richards, he wraps a handkerchief around his hand and punches a dinner plate sized hole in the gun case to pull a gun out. When he turns around and the camera angle changes, the gun case's glass is almost entirely broken out.

Continuity mistake: When Ray Duquette and his partner are interviewing Susie's Grandmother about her disappearance, Walter is playing with the false teeth in the background. In one shot Walter is holding an almost unsmoked cigar and when the switch back to him and he puts it in his mouth, the cigar has shrunk to about two inches.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Kelly Lanier Van Ryan is giving her testimony of the rape for a video recording, the microphone is on the right of the screen. In the next scene, where the cops are watching the videotape of the testimony, it's on the left.

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Bowden drives up to his office it's not raining, but when he walks inside you can see it is raining heavily out the front door (yet his shirt doesn't have one drop of rain on it). (00:49:40)

kaleena van hoose

Other mistake: When Ray shoots Kelly twice in the chest, and then himself once in the arm, all three shots are heard within a few seconds. However, in the flashback at the end, Ray shoots himself about ten seconds after.


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Sam: Kelly Van Ryan is accusing me of rape.
Kenneth Bowden: Kelly Van Ryan? As in Sandra Van Ryan?
Sam: As in, I'm fucked.

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Question: Did Kelly Van Ryan really love Sam Lombardo or was she trying to use him to get her mom's money? Or both?

Answer: Kelly loved Sam and hated her mom. She wanted the money that was left to her by her grandfather and this was the only way to get it without her mom dying.

Greg Dwyer

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