White Squall

Continuity mistake: When the survivors of the sunken ship are floating in the life raft, Geig makes a comment while observing the cloudless night sky: "look, there goes Shepherd..."(something to that effect, in reference to the recent launch of Allen Shepherd in the first Mercury manned-space flight). In actuality, Shepherd's flight was a day launch and a sub-orbital flight lasting only few minutes. He never achieved orbit and therefore would not be visible travelling in the night sky.

Factual error: When the boys have a night on the town with a bunch of eager Dutch girls, the girls somehow forget their native tongue and start to chatter in Danish.

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Chuck Gieg: In the end it just comes down to one thing... You can't run from the wind, You face the music, You trim your sails and keep going.

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Question: During the dance with the skipper and his wife while at the Dutch girls' school, there is a cat on the serving table. Was the cat supposed to be there?

Answer: No.

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