Being John Malkovich

Corrected entry: Near the end, as Cameron Diaz approaches pregnant Maxin with a gun on the 7.5 floor, she accidentally knocks her head really hard on the door frame.

Correction: Why is this a mistake? The whole point about the 7.5 floor is that it's got a low ceiling, tiny doors and so forth. Of course people bash their heads occasionally.

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Corrected entry: After having been inside John Malkovich Craig gets dropped at the New Jersey Turnpike. When he sends Lotte off through the portal next, he says he'd pick her at the same place where he was dropped. Not only that he knew, after this completely novel and one-time experience, that the portal would lead into JM again, but that he also knew where it would end is more than one would expect from someone who hasn't read the screenplay till the end. (00:34:05)


Correction: He simply guesses that she will come out at the same point. It's a logical assumption.

Corrected entry: Craig locks Lotte and the chimpanzee in a cage. The monkey unties her hands, but it remains a mystery how the two of them got out of the cage. (01:12:30)


Correction: Her fingers are much thinner then the chimpanzee's, so she would just have to stick her fingers through the cage and pop open the lock. It's not like it's locked with a padlock, it's simply a pole you must lift up, that the monkey was never able to figure out. Anyone with a cage for something like a puppy would know its not that hard to get open from the inside.

Corrected entry: What are the chances of John Malkovich having the correct CD by his bedside table that has 'Bartórk's Allegro' on it and also the track starting in the middle of the song (where Craig uses from)?

Correction: It is not unlikely at all that John Malkovich has the CD; he seems like the type that would listen to it. While in Malkovich's body, Craig could have looked through his CD collection, found it, and got it ready all on the chance that Maxine wanted to see his performance (he is obsessed with it). And, it is possible that the CD is actually Craig's, he just brought it to Malkovich's house.

Correction: Arguably the film isn't about the real John Gavin Malkovich, but 'John Horatio Malkovich' (who happens to look rather similar.

Corrected entry: At the begining of the movie while John Cusack is talking to Cameron Diaz in the apt. John is in front of their couch and in the background behind the couch you can see a hand reach up and take something off of the table. (00:03:40)

Correction: You can see from the way it moves that it's not a hand. It's obviously part of one of Lotte's many animals, either a furry tail or a bird's long neck.


Corrected entry: When Lotte chases Maxine through JM's subconscious she shoots at her while she escapes through a door. The bullet hole in the door frame appears a second later. (01:34:05)


Correction: The laws of real-world physics don't necessarily apply to a chase taking place inside a person's subconscious.


Continuity mistake: When Craig first discovers the portal door his crouching position changes slightly between the camera shot inside the tunnel and that from the office, and again when he closes the office door and goes back to the portal door.

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Dr. Lester: Floris, get Guinness on the phone.
Floris: Right away, Dr. Lester. Genghis Khan Capone.

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Question: What is the song played around the end of the main trailer? It sounds a lot like the theme from Brazil if that helps.

Answer: It IS from Brazil. The song is called Brazil, performed by Geoff Muldaur.

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