Promising Young Woman
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Mrs. Fisher: I know you feel bad that you weren't there but you gotta let it go.
Cassandra: I'm just trying to fix it.
Mrs. Fisher: Oh, come on. You can't. Don't be a child Cassie.

Ryan: Do you want to go to dinner, you miserable asshole?

Ryan: Dating's horrible, everyone's horrible, okay? I went on a date last month with a woman who wanted to euthanize the homeless.
Cassandra: You went on date with my mom?

Al Monroe: It's every man's worst nightmare, getting accused of something like that.
Cassandra: Can you guess what every woman's worst nightmare is?

Mrs. Fisher: Cassie, move on, please. For all of us.

Continuity mistake: The fragments from the truck's taillights that Cassie smashed with a tire iron were obviously "neatly rearranged" (and looked resized to be more uniform) before showing them after the man drove away. Cassie hit the outer sides of the rear taillights and fragments of various sizes scattered, so all would not settle close together along the bumper. One large fragment from the passenger side flew past Cassie behind the truck and landed about three or four feet away but was not there afterwards.


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