The Wolf of Snow Hollow

The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020)

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A large junkie (who happens to have a wolf-dog) overdoses and the sheriff's office believes they have "found their man" - things revealed at the morgue make it apparent and the coroner (?) says his six-year-old daughter could have solved the case - and a lot sooner. John fires him. John and Julie start returning items confiscated during the murder investigations and each independently notice something that points toward the small town's taxidermist, Paul Carnury. John is at Paul's house when he realises Paul must be the serial murderer. Paul stabs John in the stomach and runs into the woods. John pursues Paul and the two are struggling in the woods; Julia shows up in time to shoot Paul. John gets up and shoots Paul a few times, including through the face. John tries to improve his relationship with Jenna before she leaves for college. It is Julia who gets promoted to "sheriff."


Other mistake: Based on its position (facing the overhang), the "OPEN" sign inside the restaurant ("NEPO") would NOT be visible to anyone outside of the restaurant, thereby defeating its purpose. (00:36:35)


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Suggested correction: It absolutely would be visible. What are you even talking about? The sign seems to be at roughly 5' or so off the ground based on its position in the window. The overhang seems to be at least 6' in front of the sign, AND at least a few feet above it. How is someone's view of the sign going to be obstructed by something above it? Anybody walking by would be able to see the sign! I've seen diners that have signs in pretty much exactly the same sort-of spot.


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Sheriff Hadley: You're gonna have a hard time getting my generation off the stage. Willie Nelson's still doing concerts.
John Marshall: Yeah, I mean, to be fair, Dad, Willie Nelson is a guitar player and he's not doing a lot of heavy police work.

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