Mighty Oak

Mighty Oak (2020)

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Oak's Grandparents come to his mother's funeral. Gina offers to become Oak's guardian, saying that Oak likes it there, has friends, and Army of Love will raise him, similar to the idea that it "takes a village." Oak's Grandparents thinks he belongs with his "real family", but Oak is upset that he doesn't even know his Grandparents and no-one bothered to ask him what he wanted. Nonetheless, Oak goes to live with his Grandparents in Minnesota - he is given Vaughn's guitar to take with him. A short amount of time passes and the Grandparents bring Oak back to live with Gina - a different kind of family, but what makes him happy. Pedro and Gina are expecting their first child. Oak is outside in front of the garage of their house playing his guitar - in a band comprised of "kids his own age" - exactly what he told his mother he wanted before she died.


Other mistake: The toaster oven's timer rang and Oak opened the door and picked up two pieces of toast with his bare hands without showing the slightest hint that the toast or the toaster oven was hot. (The toast actually looked cold and hard). (00:11:15)


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Trivia: "Vaughn" is played by Levi Dylan, Bob Dylan's grandson.


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