Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods (2020)


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Melvin: And maybe someday if I come to Paris, you can show me the "Champs-Eleesees."

Vinh Tran: After you've been in a war, you understand it never really ends.

Melvin: Sheeeeeeeeit.

Vinh Tran: I can help you get it out of the country.
Otis: All right. We'll give you a share.
Vinh Tran: How much is that?
Otis: Million.
Hedy: We want in too.
Otis: You want in?
Hedy: Yeah.
Otis: Alright.
Melvin: Damn Otis just put the gold on Craigslist.

Paul: We fought in an immoral war that wasn't ours for rights we didn't have.

Question: When David steps on the land mine, the group rescues him by tying a rope around him and pulling while he runs. What exactly does this accomplish? It's impossible to outrun an explosion, much less pull someone to safety at supersonic speed.


Answer: Yes, I think the blast of a land mine usually goes straight up, unless it's a bouncing Betty.

Answer: Anti personnel mines usually have a small blast radius compared to a bomb or artillery shell. If they can pull him away quickly enough he can be clear of the blast.

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