Factual error: In the shot where the lady passenger boards the Upper Deck to take her seat, she boards through an aft-facing straight staircase, located at the rear of the cabin. On the 747-200, which they were flying, the majority were equipped with circular staircases, and a few equipped with the aft-facing straight staircases, but in both cases, they were located in the front of the cabin, no exceptions.

Factual error: When a hole was blown out of the side of the plane, the stewardess is being pushed back by the wind. Surely she would have been sucked out of the plane due to the changes in air pressure?

Factual error: In the shot(s) where the flight attendant approaches the cockpit, it shows an emergency exit door located on the left hand side of the cabin, however on the 747-200, which they were flying, the emergency exit door is located after the cockpit door, and is approximately 1/4 the size as shown. The door shown belongs to a 747-300/400 upper deck door, located in the middle of the upper deck cabin.

Factual error: The Flight Management Computer cannot land an aircraft automatically. It can perform arrivals into airports but only up to a specific point around the airport, after which point vectors are required to be lined up on an approach.

Factual error: After the 1st aborted landing on 25 left (250°, left runway) the flight attendant is asked to land on runway 7 right (The same runway but in the opposite direction, 70°). The aircraft would need to turn to the east to get onto the new heading of 70°, but the shot on the tower screen shows the aircraft turning onto a track of 270°, taking it off over the ocean. (01:30:00 - 01:31:00)

Continuity mistake: When the fighter shoots and blows up the truck, there is a shot of the flight attendant (at that moment being strangled by Ray Liotta) sitting in the pilot's seat, looking over her shoulder. It cuts back to the pilot, then back to her being strangled again. Very, very choppy editing.

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Rachel Taper: We need you to program the autopilot so it can vector you around the storm front ahead. You've got a level 6 storm.
Teri Halloran: Is that a 6 on a scale from 1 to 10?
Rachel Taper: No, Teri... on a scale of 1 to 6.

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