Impractical Jokers: The Movie

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This was actually the last movie I saw in theaters before the whole Covid shutdown. It's certainly not as enjoyable as the TV series, and the main story left much to be desired.

However, the film still gave me quite a few laughs. Sal's crazy eyes while talking to fellow attendees at a Jaden Smith event, as well as his encounter with a tiger in his hotel room were hilarious. And Q's seminar presentation featuring a fake adult film starring his parents had me laughing so hard that I cried.

I would recommend this film to anyone that watches the TV series, and I strongly suggest watching the TV series for anyone who has never seen it.

Phaneron Premium member

Paula Abdul: Where's Murr?
Q: Who he?

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Trivia: The first three letters on the license plate of Q's car are "LRY." This is a reference to "Larry," an imaginary character from the TV series that Joe is usually calling out to or frantically searching for.

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