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I rented this movie from RedBox.

I really like this movie! I had heard about it from the CinemaSins podcast, called SinCast, where they had praised it. So I checked it out from RedBox and found it just as good as they had said.

It's a survival film, man vs nature full out. We don't even see how Overgard (Mads Mikkelsen) got stranded in the Arctic in the first place.The film starts with him already there, trying to survive living out of his crashed plane and what he's been doing to stay alive. Don't know how long he's been there, but one can guess it's been at least a few days to weeks. Maybe longer.

Circumstances gone wrong also leads to him finding a badly injured woman and having to try and take care of her, keeping her from dying as he begins to venture out to go to a place he believes they can be rescued. There's very little said all movie, one of the two main characters is unconscious for most of the film, and it's riveting all the way through. From crashes, bad storms, killer polar bears, and everything in between. This is really well made and Mads gives an amazing performance of a man in desperation who keeps his head on him self as he powers through the harshest environment on Earth.

Very high recommend.

Mistake Status: I was too into the film to really look for many. But I did notice a thing here or there and submitted one. This is a movie I'd like to revisit some day and might look for more mistakes.

Quantom X Premium member

Continuity mistake: When the Overgard makes a cave in the snow for the night with the girl, he goes to put her picture in her coat. She is sleeping with her hands down at her legs. When it cuts to a close up of the picture going into her coat, suddenly her right hand is up on her chest. (00:47:12)

Quantom X Premium member

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Overgård: It's arctic trout... with noodles.

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