Total Recall

Corrected entry: In the scene where Arnold is at the front desk of the hotel and retrieves the paper from the safety deposit box, he asks for a pen. The clerk gives him a red pen to write on the back of the paper stated "for a good time, ask for Melina". When the scene cuts to Arnold writing on the paper, the ink is black. When he returns the pen to the clerk, it is red again.

Correction: The body's black - it's just a red cap on a black pen.

Corrected entry: The main plot is similar to a futuristic Japanese anime called "Space Adventure Cobra" (1982). In the first episode of the series, Cobra believes that he is a normal guy, but discovers accidentally that he was a secret agent who deleted his memory and changed his appearance to run away from his enemies. This happens when he goes to a place where customers pay to experience their fantasies using a kind of brain-PC connection (just like in Recall). He dreams he is a special agent hunting criminals in space but eventually realizes he is just recalling who he used to be.

Correction: In fact the plot of "Space Adventure Cobra" is ripped off the source material of "Total Recall", which was based on a 1966 short story by Philip K. Dick. The resemblence of the plotlines and characters is no coincidence and is hardly trivia - the anime film swiped their plot from the source for which the producers of this film paid and therefore used legitimately.

Agreed on the main plot. But please also clarify about the gadgets and scenes in the film. For example, the lady mask that the main character wears when he lands on Mar. And when he is caught, he just throws the mask. The mask then speaks a few sentence and turns into the explosive. That is exactly the same as manga. Do the scene and gadget also exist in 1966 story?

Revealing mistake: Doug has the hologram when inside the alien nuclear reactor, and a bunch of bad guys encircle the holographic image and fire at it at point blank with automatic weapons, and not one bad guy gets hit. If they encircled the 3D image, at least a few bad guys would have been hit by their own men. (01:37:00)

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Lori: Sweetheart, be reasonable. After all, we're married.
[Quaid shoots her in the head.]
Quaid: Consider that a divorce.

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Trivia: Arnie was injured twice during the making of this movie. He cut his hand badly while smashing a train window, and broke a finger during a rehearsal of the hotel room fight scene. (00:30:20 - 01:03:00)

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