Total Recall

Corrected entry: The main plot is similar to a futuristic Japanese anime called "Space Adventure Cobra" (1982). In the first episode of the series, Cobra believes that he is a normal guy, but discovers accidentally that he was a secret agent who deleted his memory and changed his appearance to run away from his enemies. This happens when he goes to a place where customers pay to experience their fantasies using a kind of brain-PC connection (just like in Recall). He dreams he is a special agent hunting criminals in space but eventually realizes he is just recalling who he used to be.

Correction: In fact the plot of "Space Adventure Cobra" is ripped off the source material of "Total Recall", which was based on a 1966 short story by Philip K. Dick. The resemblence of the plotlines and characters is no coincidence and is hardly trivia - the anime film swiped their plot from the source for which the producers of this film paid and therefore used legitimately.

Agreed on the main plot. But please also clarify about the gadgets and scenes in the film. For example, the lady mask that the main character wears when he lands on Mar. And when he is caught, he just throws the mask. The mask then speaks a few sentence and turns into the explosive. That is exactly the same as manga. Do the scene and gadget also exist in 1966 story?

I can't speak to the similarity of the movies, not having seen the animated film, but the law almost always sides with the person who controls the licence, granting them permission to seize unlicensed works and appropriate or destroy them as they desire. Under existing laws, whether one agrees with them or not (I don't), unlicensed works survive only if they enrich the original work, don't attract attention, or are simply not pursued.

Plot hole: When Hauser/Quaid returns to Mars, some of the people that knew him before as Hauser call him Quaid. (00:45:40)

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Suggested correction: If you're talking about when he's disguised as the fat woman, only Richter calls him Quaid. But he knew him as Quaid.


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Lori: They erased your identity and implanted a new one. I was written in as your wife so I could watch you and make sure the erasure took. Sorry, Quaid, your whole life is just a dream.
Douglas Quaid: Okay then, if I'm not me, who the hell am I?
Lori: Beats me. I just work here.


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Trivia: The Kuato model was handled by about 15 puppeteers, each controlling a different part of his face and hands. (01:15:30)


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Question: There is a scene in the movie in which Arnie disguises as a woman to pass the entrance control in Mars. Moments later, the mask he's using starts to malfunction and he has to take it off. When he's doing that, we can see that the man who's playing Quaid is not Arnie but a stunt double. Why did the director choose a stunt double to replace Arnie in a scene that's not risky at all?

Answer: It's not a stunt double, it's a mannequin (fake head actually) of Arnie, used for the artificial head shot.

Grumpy Scot

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