The Two Popes

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Character mistake: The main storyline of the movie is set in 2012. When Bergoglio is at the Pope summer residence the first evening and he switches off the football match, he says to the Holy Father that Germany might play against Argentina "next year." Bergoglio is a football fanatic and there's no way he would have not known that the World Cup was to take place in the summer of 2014, not 2013. (00:35:00)

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Pope Francis: We have spent these last years disciplining anyone who disagrees with our line on divorce, on birth control, on being gay. While our planet was being destroyed, while inequality grew like a cancer. We worried whether it was all right to speak the Mass in Latin, whether girls should be allowed to be altar servers. We built walls around us, and all the time, all the time, the real danger was inside. Inside with us.

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Trivia: The director only came across Jonathan Pryce because he was searching for photos of Pope Francis, and the two people were frequently being compared as they look so similar. He looked into Pryce's body of work and realised he'd be an excellent choice for the part.

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