Cold Pursuit

Cold Pursuit (2019)

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Continuity mistake: Right after the scene where Nels saws up his gun, he walks into a store with his arms folded. His hands are down close to his stomach. When it cuts to the next angle, they are much higher at his chest. (00:26:51)

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Visible crew/equipment: Viking's goons head to Coxman's house and step out of their vehicles. In the front vehicle, the camera is reflected in the glass of the driver's side door. It lingers there for a time.

manthabeat Premium member

Factual error: It's a hard winter everywhere is film except in the scenes that take place in Denver. In one scene when Coxman kidnaps Viking's son, there are full leaves on trees and cherry blossoms. Moments prior there's a frozen tundra shot coming into Denver.

manthabeat Premium member

Thorpe: Do you have any idea what I can do to you... on Yelp?

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Trivia: The filmmakers had originally planned to shoot the film at Banff National Park, but the direction of the park did not like the fact that one of the bad guys was an Indigenous gang boss, and therefore the filming permit was revoked.

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