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Corrected entry: The wood chipper they used to shred a person runs as smooth as an electric engine, or even smoother. Nothing to be heard and no vibrations at all. Plus - isn't it usually attached to a tractor by a PTO shaft?

Correction: The audio is focused on the narration at that point - the background noise is heavily muted so we can hear Frank talking.

Corrected entry: When looking at a map, Frank discusses how they will drive up Rt. 476. 476 was not built until the late 1980s.

Correction: Partly wrong. Bill Buffalino's daughter was married in 1975. Frank was shown plotting a travel course from Philadelphia to Detroit. He mentions traveling "476 out of Philly." Route 476 has never touched Philadelphia, ever. Route 476 did exist in the early to mid-70s as a local 2+2 divided highway that connected the Schuylkill Expressway in Montgomery County to the PA Turnpike (Rt 276 East-West.) Route 476 going from Chester/I-95 to the Turnpike didn't exist until the Mid-County Expressway was opened in 1992 and the part that went to Pittston wasn't officially designated I-476 until 1996 (previously Route 9/Northeast Extension).

Factual error: While handling the ignition coil cable to the distributor cap, Joe Pesci tells De Niro that the timing chain needs adjustment in his truck. The timing chain on the Chevy OHV 6 cylinder in this scene is behind the water pump and a cover. It would have been a several hour job to replace, not possible to adjust.

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New this month Suggested correction: A truck of that year with an inline Chevy motor would not have a timing chain at all, instead this truck would be equipped with a direct drive timing gear.

New this month I didn't think you were right. I thought it would have been a timing chain but I looked it up and a 250 Chevy is timing gear driven. It makes the mistake that much worse.

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Jimmy Hoffa: You always charge a guy with a gun! With a knife, you run away.

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Trivia: The crooner at the awards ceremony is none other than Bruce Springsteen's musician Steve Van Zandt.

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