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A Hellraiser-like puzzle box might not magically lead to another dimension of pain and pleasure, but it does invite 6 people into a horrific contest where they must solve puzzles in a variety of dangerous rooms or environments with nods to Cube, the Saw franchise, and the idea of televised blood sports from films like The Running Man and Hunger Games. The people gathered for these deadly games share a secret connection, one that a mysterious Gamesmaster and shadowy Puzzle-maker use against them in devious ways. Harrowing escapes, awful torments and a struggle to survive follow. Effective little horror movie that keeps the tension building and leaves room for a sequel.

Erik M.

Other mistake: While in the pool room, Zoey falls off the wall onto a portion of floor that hasn't collapsed yet and loses consciousness. This area is next to the section of floor that collapsed first. Jason jumps down to help Zoey. As he is helping her up, and onto the wall, that section of floor collapses, forcing him to grab the wall to avoid falling 20-ish stories with the floor. As he looks down drop, the section of floor that fell first is amazingly back intact. (00:59:20)


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Games Master WooTan Yu: At the end of the Kentucky derby, do you think horses get a prize?

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