King Solomon's Mines
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Allan Quartermain: You know, O'Brien, there's only one kind of man that it's useless to argue with.
Patrick 'Patsy' O'Brien: And that is?
Allan Quartermain: A fool.

Allan Quartermaine: Then it is agreed we leave tonight?
Sir Henry Curtis: Yes.
Umbopa: It is not agreed - you must stay.
Allan Quartermaine: I'm in charge here! I told you that before.
Umbopa: That was in your country. You are now in mine.

Continuity mistake: The entries into Quartermain's journal are supposedly covering events during 1881 and 1882. The entries consist of a day and a date, but no month. Taken in order, they cannot fit into the 1881-1882 calendar. For example, the two entries immediately before the June eclipse can only be in August 1882.

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Trivia: For many years, this was considered to be a lost movie.

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