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"Pokemon: Detective Pikachu" is a charming, nostalgic success that should appeal to franchise fans thanks to its good humor and excellent world-building. If you grew up on "Pokemon" as I did, watching this movie feels like you're stepping right into the world of the games and anime. Ryan Reynolds knocks it out of the park as the voice of our titular crime-solver, and is easily the biggest highlight of the cast. He really nails the part. And the direction is top-notch. It's a very well-made film. If you're not overly familiar with the media franchise, the movie probably won't do much for you... but even then, it has enough jokes and fun action set-pieces that you'll likely be mildly entertained. But this is a movie made for the fans, and as someone who was a fan when I was younger, it pressed all the right buttons for me. I'm giving it a good, but not quite perfect 4 out of 5.


Other mistake: At the beginning, when Tim arrives in Ryme City, a Sneasel is visible with its ears on the wrong sides.

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Suggested correction: As an adaptation, the movie is allowed to alter the design of characters and creatures from the games. It doesn't need to stay 100% consistent with the game, and thus, this cannot be considered a mistake. Other Pokémon in the movie similarly have minor cosmetic changes. Furthermore, you could also easily chalk this up to the Pokémon's genetics simply being different. Natural variation or mutations happen sometimes in species, and it's canon in Pokémon that some of them have different forms or look different even if they're the same species. (Ex. I have a number of the same Pokémon that all look completely different in Pokémon Go.)


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Trivia: There's a reference to the artificially-created Pokemon Mewtwo having escaped "twenty years ago." This is a bit of an inside joke, as the film was in production exactly twenty years after the release of the animated movie "Mewtwo Strikes Back," and that film deals with what happens after Mewtwo was created and escaped captivity.


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