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Abigail: As it turns out, I'm capable of much unpleasantness.

Lady Sarah: There are limits to what one can give.

Abigail: My dear friend and cousin, how good to see you've returned from.
Lady Sarah: Hell. I'm sure you shall pass through it one day.

Lady Sarah: Anne, you are too sensitive.
Queen Anne: And you are too mean and uncaring, some days.
Lady Sarah: Some days I'm quite lovely though. Let's think on them.

Harley: I wish to make a statement to the queen.
Lady Sarah: State it to me. I love a comedy. Is there cake?

Queen Anne: Oh it is fun to be queen sometimes.

Lady Sarah: Sometimes a lady likes to have some fun.

Abigail: You're so beautiful.
Queen Anne: Stop it, you mock me.
Abigail: I do not. If I were a man, I would ravish you.

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