The Talented Mr. Ripley

Corrected entry: In the scene in the club when Jude Law is playing the saxophone, you never actually see his fingers move while he's playing.

Correction: Law actually learned to play the saxophone for the film, and if you watch closely during the club scene in Naples when both Damon and Law perform, his fingers do indeed move in time with the proper notes.

Corrected entry: The scooter Jude Law rides at the beginning (a Vespa), when he's first seen kissing another girl, is a modern version, which could never have been around in the 50s.

Correction: Dickie's Vespa is a 150GS first introduced in 1955 so it is completely possible to be in the time frame.

Corrected entry: When the American inspector shows Tom the license plates found in Dickie's luggage (near the end of the movie), the larger plate has '2007' on the bottom. One of the numbers must be facing the wrong way, because no matter which way the plate is turned, either the 2 or the 7 is always upside down.

Correction: It is actually '4002', so it is the correct way round, and the same on both plates (except the 'EE' comes at the end on the small plate).


Factual error: A copy of Miles Davis' album "Tutu" is sitting on a counter. Odd since the recording wasn't made until 1986.

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Tom Ripley: You're the brother I never had. I'm the brother you never had. I would do anything for you, Dickie.

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Question: I know that Tom had to kill Peter because of Meredith's family being there and all, but what exactly does this end mean? Is Ripley caught as a liar? Does he stay as Dickie for the rest of his life? What exactly does this end suggest?

Answer: He slips back into the original lie he was telling Meredith, so he can be with her. Peter would know he was lying, so Tom must kill him.

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