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Continuity mistake: Wide-screen version only: In the trash compactor, after the dianoga has pulled Luke into the water for the second time, Leia is leaning against some garbage. In the next shot, she is leaning forward, the other way.

Continuity mistake: When Obi Wan introduces the lightsaber, he says, "This is the weapon of the Jedi knight." C3PO is disconnected with his head down and in a lighted archway, with some blankets or something by his left side. A frame later, in a close-up, C3PO's head is up, the archway is 'in shadows and the blankets gone.

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Continuity mistake: When Ben first gives it to him, Luke's lightsaber is blue, as it was when Anakin dropped it in Episode III. However, when Luke is training against the sphere en route to Alderaan, the lightsaber definitely has a green, not blue, tint to it.


Continuity mistake: When Ben says to Han in the Millennium Falcon, "In my experience there's no such thing as luck", you can see Han is resting his arm on the surface near the control panel, but in the next scene his arm is no longer on the surface.

Continuity mistake: When Alderaan is first seen through the Death Star's viewscreen/window, only half of the planet is lit up. The next time we see it, about 75% of it is lit up. (00:54:45 - 00:55:50)

Continuity mistake: When Leia, Chewie, Luke and Han dive into the garbage chute aboard the Death Star, Han is the last to dive in, about 4 seconds after Luke. Once he hits bottom, it takes Han 14 seconds to get to his feet, orient himself, and fire his blaster. Luke tries to warn Han, but Han fires anyway, and the blaster bolt ricochets around the garbage chute. Luke shouts, "It's magnetically sealed! I already tried that!" But Luke never had time to stand up and fire his blaster before Han arrived. Han was only 4 seconds behind Luke.

Continuity mistake: When Luke and Ben enter the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon during the meteor shower, Ben enters the cockpit twice between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Luke and C-3PO run out of the house to find R2-D2, Luke takes out his binoculars and looks through them. The shot cuts back to Luke and C-3PO, where C-3PO has his arms are by his side, but in the next shot, C-3PO suddenly has his right arm raised almost half way. (00:26:45)

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Continuity mistake: While Luke climbs the ladder to get into the X-wing's cockpit he asks R2 if the little droid is okay, then as Luke steps up he's holding his gloves in his right hand, but it cuts to the next shot as Luke leaps into the cockpit and the gloves are now suddenly grasped in his left hand. (01:43:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Red 10 is destroyed by a TIE fighter during the trench run, inside the cockpit as the craft starts to burn up and explode the pilot and the helmet are completely different to that of Red 10 when seen earlier.

Continuity mistake: When Luke is repairing C-3PO at Ben Kenobi's dwelling, he initially has his hands on C-3PO's arm. In the next shot, Luke now has his hand on C-3PO's shoulder.

Continuity mistake: When Luke and Han are talking about Princess Leia being executed, C3PO is facing the computer console when Luke says "but they're gonna kill her." In the wider shot C3PO is now facing Han with no time to turn around.

Continuity mistake: The guard that gets shot and falls down the stairs disappears when Han and Chewing back up there to escape the advancing stormtroopers coming out of the lift.

Continuity mistake: When the Imperial officer opens the door in the Death Star and sees Chewbacca and Han dressed in an Imperial stormtrooper in front of him, he is seen lifting his head, and in the next shot when we see a close-up of the officer, he is seen lifting his head a second time. (01:08:40)

Continuity mistake: At the dinner table, Luke picks up the container in his left hand to pour. A moment later, he picks it up in his right hand. Also, as Owen explains about Obi-Wan, you see Luke's left hand lifting then lowering the glass. When the shot cuts to Luke's face, his right hand is making the motions.

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Continuity mistake: The oil streak on Threepio's left, then right, shoulder has totally disappeared when he's seen in the Sand Crawler.

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Continuity mistake: During the shoot out on Tatooine the same stormtrooper can be seen falling in the background from 3 different angles as Han boards the Millennium Falcon.

Continuity mistake: When Ben and Luke enter the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon after leaving Tatooine, Ben is seen standing behind Chewbacca on his seat, but in the very next shot he is seen standing by the seat.

Continuity mistake: After Darth Vader kills Ben, there's a shot from the docking bay towards him. Vader's lightsaber is missing its red color. [This has been fixed in the 2004 DVD, but is still valid for VHS prints.] (01:28:20)

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[Princess Leia gets her first look at the Millenium Falcon.]
Princess Leia: You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought.

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Trivia: Carrie Fisher has stated that her scenes as Princess Leia with Grand Moff Tarkin - Peter Cushing - were not easy to play. During filming, Peter, as Tarkin, would speak demeaningly to her. When the cameras stopped, he would converse with her in such a gentlemanly fashion that she found it hard to play her part against him when filming commenced again.

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Question: There's a HUGE rumor that's been going around since Return of the Jedi came out: There's actually three more scripts (besides the prequels). Is there, in fact, a Star Wars: Episode VII, Episode VIII, and Episode IX? If so, what are they about?

Answer: While planning Star Wars, Lucas had a vague notion of doing a long series of movies inspired by old serials, then dropped that idea in favor of just one. When Star Wars became a phenomenon and sequels became feasible, Lucas revisited the idea. He thought of three trilogies along with some stand-alone "in-between" stories for a total of 12 films. By the time of The Empire Strikes Back's release, this was pared down to the 9 mainline films, going by interviews with Lucas and the cast at the time. By Return of the Jedi, Lucas had decided to end the saga there, with the option that he could revisit the first three at some later point. It's unclear if Lucas ever had any specific story ideas for the proposed sequel trilogy, and they never had any scripts. Producer Gary Kurtz suggested in an interview they would've been about Luke's twin sister (not Leia), though many fans are skeptical about just how much he would know about them.


Answer: This was long a long-standing rumour, but George Lucas always denied it. He allowed various authors to cover the history of that time period in book form - if he'd had any serious intention of doing films set in that timeframe, he wouldn't have done that. Since that time of course Disney took over the franchise and has announced new films, but entirely separate from the previous "expanded universe" of the novels, and not involving any ideas George Lucas may have had in the past.

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