The Spy Who Loved Me

Factual error: When Bond and Amasova are on the speed boat going to see Stromberg, the underwater lair is super-imposed on the horizon, rather than midway. This would make the lair around 50 miles high.


Revealing mistake: When Agent XXX releases the mine under the Lotus, the shadow of the car can still be seen over the mine as it explodes, which should have left the car damaged at such close range.


Continuity mistake: Before the sub trembles, the number of chess pieces on the right side differs between shots.

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Revealing mistake: When Bond and XXX are visiting Stromberg's home by speed boat it shifts or rocks in the water when they step on board. This is normal, because speed boats are very unstable. When they reach Stromberg, they have to step off, but the boat does not shift in the water as it should, in fact, the way the boat slowed and stopped was stiff and unnatural. Obviously indicating the boat was on a trailer for these scenes.

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Audio problem: When Bond knocks the gun out of Shandor's hand during the fight on the roof, the sound is definitely not a gun on a stone floor - and it comes too soon after the gun leaves his hand. It would not have reached the floor yet.

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Visible crew/equipment: As Q stops the Lotus for Bond, the orange car that followed Q off the ferry passes in front of the camera. As it does, the camera and crewman are reflected on the car's glass.

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Continuity mistake: When Bond hangs the clear sheet on the screen, the dark line is both next to and on top of the pink line showing the submarine course. A moment later, the clear sheet has moved, making the lines further apart. (00:13:58 - 00:14:41)

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Suggested correction: The pink line is always visible and depending on the camera angle it's brighter in places than others, if the clear sheet with the black line on has moved it's very slight.

The mistake says nothing about the pink line not being visible or changing brightness. And if the clear sheet moved slightly, that's a mistake.


Continuity mistake: When Bond places the OHP film on the tracker, it perfectly matches the line of the course, whereas when Q arrives on the scene, the line of the tracker deviates.

Continuity mistake: When XXX is freed by 007 to escape the torpedoed base she is wearing a red bikini. As the escape develops this changes to black.

Other mistake: When the captain of Stromberg One tells missile control they have a change of target he reads a new set of coordinates (which is really Stromberg Two). But if you look at the paper that was just printed the coordinates he reads are not on the paper.

Other mistake: Just after Naomi winks at Bond the helicopter turns to the left. The same piece of film is used again just as Bond drives onto the jetty.

Continuity mistake: When Bond goes to check Fekkish's bedroom the top button of his coat is buttoned. He goes to the door, looks in, and comes back out with the button unbuttoned, without unbuttoning it. (00:24:50)

Revealing mistake: When Bond is in Fekkish's home and the woman that meets him gets shot after he spins her around, his gun appears already in his hand and he fires it. He never reaches into his holster to get it. (00:25:55)

Audio problem: When Bond and XXX are following Jaws in the ruins, we hear his footsteps when he walks but not theirs when they run on the same concrete floor. (00:40:55)

Continuity mistake: When Bond turns in the opening scene to fire his ski pole he turns left, then a split second later he turns right. No way at that speed anyone could turn left then right without falling. (00:02:00)

Revealing mistake: As Jaws hits one of the poles holding up the scaffolding there's a cut in the video.

Continuity mistake: At the submarine base Bond places a see through copy of the submarine course on the display and the two lines match up and are touching, in the next shot the bottom of the lines are no where near each other but meet further up in the middle.

Continuity mistake: When Bond is waiting to meet Stromberg he notices the remains of the women killed at the beginning by the shark, but the tank with the shark in has nothing in it but water and the shark. The tank Bond is looking at has coral and other fish in it.

Revealing mistake: During the helicopter/Lotus chase the shots of the helicopter turning are used twice.

Deliberate mistake: When the speedboat docks at the Stormberg Laboratory with Bond on board the speedboat has no helm or gauges fitted to the dashboard. From that angle we should see them or something resembling them as we did when Bond was picked up.

Captain Carter: That armour plating must be inches thick. We'll never get through it.
James Bond: Come on, let's go to the armoury.
Captain Carter: The armoury? What do you expect to find there?
James Bond: A nuclear missile.

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Trivia: This applies to Moonraker too - Jaws' "teeth" were so painful that actor Richard Kiel could only keep them in for a few seconds at a time, which is why you don't get too many long shots with them visible. He only wore them when he needed to open his mouth.

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Question: Has there ever been a backstory written for Jaws? I would love to know where he came from, and how he came to be, so I was wondering if there has ever been one written, and where I can find it.

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