Corrected entry: Fitch, who professes qualifications in biology, genetics and biochemistry, says that they made Sil female because she's a natural predator and so she'd be more docile. He should retake his finals. In every single species of predator on earth - every single one - the females are the hunters, aggressors and killers. The males may be socially dominant but they are the 'docile' ones. There are no exceptions - and humans are not predators.

Correction: That's precisely the point. The alien which the DNA comes from is a predator. It is mixed with human female DNA because among humans, which as you say are not predators, females are considered more docile. The intent was to counter the alien's aggressive instincts with a female human's docility. It didn't work.


Corrected entry: After the man takes her from home with him and they are both in the swimming pool at his home, she whips off his trunks begging him, but in the next part when he's fighting her off and he's later seen floating dead, he has his trunks back on.

Correction: If you watch the scene closely you will see that she never gets his bathing suit off. Even when he gets out to see who was at the door, you can see he is wearing them. She tried to get them off, but he wouldn't let her.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sil (as a young girl in the lab's container tank) realizes she's being gassed with cyanide, she escapes by diving through the glass enclosure. The gas escapes along with Sil. The lab techs (who are fully protected with Hazmat Suits) fall down dead when the gas reaches them. Shouldn't the suits have protected the lab techs from the gas? That's the whole point of wearing Hazmat material, right?

Correction: They are not "fully protected". They aren't wearing resirators, merely some sort of surgical mask/hood arrangement, and despite the suits are breathing the atmospehere in the lab.



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