A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls (2016)


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Movie Quote Quiz

Dad: Most of us just get messily ever after.

Mum: ...and if you have to break things, then by God, you break them.

Mum: Life is always in the eyes. If you get that, you'll be a proper artist.

Conor: Your stories never made sense to me.
The Monster: Because humans are complicated beasts. You believe comforting lies, while knowing full well the painful truth that makes those lies necessary. In the end, Conor, it is not important what you think. It is only important what you do.
Conor: So what do I do?
The Monster: What you did just now. You speak the truth.
Conor: That's all?
The Monster: You think it's easy? You were willing to die rather than speak it.

The Monster: Stories are wild animals... if you let them loose, who knows what havoc they may wreak.

The Monster: Many things that are true feel like a cheat.

Conor: What do I do?
The Monster: Now all that is left is for you to speak the simplest truth of all.
Conor: I don't want you to go.
Mum: I know my love.
Conor: I don't want you to go.
Conor: How does the fourth story end?
The Monster: It ends with a boy holding on tight to his mother. And by doing so... he can finally let her go.

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