Ouija: Origin of Evil
Movie Quote Quiz

Lina Zander: Doris! Are you there? Are you there?
Doris Zander: Yes.

Alice Zander: Spirit, can you hear me?
Doris Zander: Yes, we can. And we can see you.
Lina Zander: Who are you talking to, Doris?

Alice Zander: Let her go. Speak to me. I'm a vessel - I can help you.
Possessed Doris: She's a better vessel.
Alice Zander: What do you want from her?
Possessed Doris: Voice.
Alice Zander: Take mine. You can cut it out for all I care, but you leave my girls alone. Let them go! Take me.
Possessed Doris: We'll take all of you.

Lina Zander: Something is wrong with Doris.
Alice Zander: She's experiencing something amazing.

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