The Skulls

Continuity mistake: Luke McNamara is handcuffed behind his back at the police station but as he is loaded in to the ambulance he mysteriously is cuffed in front. [The handcuffs inside are normal police issue handcuffs and outside as he's getting into the ambulance they're attached to a belt, normally used for criminals they consider dangerous.]

Continuity mistake: After Luke's returns from his first Skulls adventure, he goes to his friend's apartment and throws himself onto the couch and pulls a pillow out from beneath himself. From another camera angle he pulls the pillow out again.

Continuity mistake: During the rowing scene when everyone is racing, the camera goes out to a long shot of all the rowboats and you can see one of the film crew lying down in one of the boats. It can't be the cox - in an eight (which is being used here) coxes can only be seated at the back of the boat. It is considered too dangerous to make an eight a 'front end loader' as he is not as aware of his surroundings.

Continuity mistake: When Lucas is being handcuffed every time it switches shots different police are holding him.

Continuity mistake: When Oxford and Cambridge are racing, one of the gates(oarlocks) visibly snaps. Yet in the next scene, the gate has been mysteriously repaired to its former condition.

Plot hole: How could the journalist kid have taken the photos of Lucas in the science lab drinking the weird liquid? Even Lucas didn't know where he was going until he got the phone call 20 seconds earlier, so how could his friend have been waiting outside the window with a camera?


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Senator Ames Levritt: We live by the rules, we die by the rules.

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