Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
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Raphael: Every minute we stay down here, Shredder gets stronger and Mikey gets more annoying.
Donatello: We're training... sort of. As soon as the sun goes down, it's Turtle time.

Bebop: Let's rumble, baby.

Shredder: Foot Clan, vanish.

Casey Jones: Everything's normal. And the next thing I know, I see a garbage truck, and it starts launching manhole covers.

Rebecca Vincent: What are you?
Michelangelo: We're not really into labels.
Leonardo: Some call us freaks... monsters.
Raphael: Let's just say we're four brothers, who hate bullies and love this city.

Leonardo: Sensei, the Foot Clan are intending to break Shredder out.
Splinter: If Shredder is free, his reign of terror over the city will begin again.
Leonardo: Exactly.
Splinter: Then there is only one question: why are you wasting time talking to a grumpy old rat? Go get him.

Raphael: Pop quiz: What are the most important traits of a ninja?
Leonardo: Speed! Stealth.
Raphael: And honour. Where's the honour in keeping secrets from your brothers?
Leonardo: I don't know what you're talking about.
Raphael: Oh, so now you can add lying to that list.

Bebop: Hey, do I look fat?
Rocksteady: No, of course not! You look... really FAT.

Rocksteady: Can you smell what this Rock is cooking?

Baxter Stockman: Inside every human, there's a dormant animal gene. This will return them to their rightful place in the animal kingdom.

Baxter Stockman: This is gonna be insane.

Krang: Time for a new game! Look out, Earth, it's playtime.

Rocksteady: You ever see a rhino charge?

Leonardo: We keep failing.
Splinter: Keep the team unified, and you shall always succeed.

Shredder: We meet again, Turtles.

Bebop: Turtles are out, rhino and warthog are in.

April O'Neil: If you want to go down swinging, these guys hit harder than anyone.

Continuity mistake: When April changes into a school girl's outfit to distract Dr. Stockman's assistant, she grabs a miniskirt and ties it around the skirt that she's already wearing. But we never see her take this particular skirt off. It just magically disappears. She is also wearing pantyhose which suddenly changes to over the knee stockings.


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Trivia: When Casey is looking at Rocksteady's criminal record, his birthday is listed as 1/28/1978. This is actor Stephen Farrelly's, also known as Sheamus, actual birthday.


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Answer: There have been many reasons they maybe didn't want to come back for a sequel. Or sometimes actors are too busy working on another movie and it interferes with their filming schedule.

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