The Bad Education Movie

Corrected entry: When Alfie and the kids are emptied into the pub and they meet the people showing off their Cornish Liberation Association (CLA) tattoos, they watch Sky News on the telly which is, according to the graphics, Live from Cornwall, but the footage is shot at night and they've all just entered the pub from broad daylight in near enough the same area the broadcast is from so the Sky News footage cannot be "live." Also in the Sky News footage the on-screen clock says 8:05am. For it to be pitch black at 8:05am in the UK one would have to be much further north than Cornwall and it would also have to be the middle/back end of December or at the very latest early January as well - it's established the film is set in June, and in any case the onscreen clock of Sky is contradicted in the CCTV footage from The Eden Project, which sets the time at just before 4pm.

Neil Jones

Correction: If you listen to the announcement, the newsreader (broadcasting live) says "this was the scene earlier" as the night time images are shown. This indicates they are re-broadcasting interviews of Hoye and his father from during the night. The broadcast is still live, and taking place at 8:05 AM.

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